The System Orca core software is designed to control almost any electronic / electrical device imaginable. The development has been based around a modular approach making the core software extremely flexible.

With modules for all leading audio visual equipment and the option for specialist equipment to be easily configured, the simplest to most complicated audio visual equipment can be controlled easily. System Orca can also integrate other systems such as lights, blinds, electric doors, air conditioning, communications equipment, satellite TV systems, passerelles and sun canopys.

System Orca – The Solution

Combining the hardware and software to offer a seamless control solution, System Orca is truly a system designed and fit for use onboard luxury yachts. The simple strategy was to create the most simple to use control system, allowing the customer the choice of what is used to control the yachts systems, and also what is controlled. This has been achieved based on the very positive customer feedback received, but we can't stop there, there will be more exciting things to come......


Hardware onboard yachts is never an easy thing to choose. Given the nature of yachts and the sea, hardware has to be able to withstand a rather harsh environment. Simple things like the occasional black outs, or rough seas can generate problems for domestic electronic products.

System Orca hardware is designed with only the marine environment in mind. The development of all products is focused on the marine market rather than the main stream commercial and residential markets, which to date is what customers have had to accept.