About System orca
The future of control & automation

System Orca is a next-generation control & automation technology company. It was started with the objective of creating the most advanced automation and control system available, while maintaining an easy to use interface. We have utilised the latest technologies in software and networking technologies to create a very stable, easy to use & advanced control system. Since development started we now produce a range of products for the marine market that have quickly become the leading option for control and automation systems.


System Orca was born out of years of experience in the marine market. Having experience in all aspects of onboard electronics on yachts from 10-80m over a 20 year period, the founders decided there had to be different approach to a market that is growing, but really under the horizon for the more commercial and residential systems suppliers.

This added with some commercial backing from a well known marine electronics company, Ships Electronic Services Ltd, allowed the flexibility to start designing a system without the imminent commercial requirement to succeed from day one.

This has allowed us to freely create something suitable and creative for the marine environment.

The Founders

Paul Rees

Having been in the marine electronics industry since 1988, Paul started as a trainee onboard small yachts around 10m. Over the next 10 years he worked on everything from small yachts, to ULCC’s.

Since the late 90′s Paul has been focused on developing the large yacht market. This is for Ships Electronic Services Ltd for whom he is also a Director. With installations in excess of 200 yachts over 24m, encompassing navigation, communications and entertainment systems, this experience has been key in creating System Orca.

Stephen Roper

Stephens background is in finance. He was previously the Finance Director for a large privately owned business that was sold to a PLC, he is also Managing Director of Ships Electronics Services Ltd.

Making sure the business is properly financed is a key part of System Orca to allow for our future development and growth plans, his experience in this field compliments the Sales and Engineering sides.

Patrick Unwin

Having studied software programming, Patrick heads up the development of the System Orca core.

Patrick also spent 5 years as an engineer onboard 30M and 34M yachts. These both had high end AV systems and a plethora of other systems which were the ultimate playground for a software engineer. Needless to say this particular experience was invaluable in the development stage of the System Orca.