Orca AV


Orca AV is very unique in that it does a few things that other AV Systems just don’t. As most manufacturers want you buy as much of their range of products as possible they limit the compatibility of the products.

We are passionate about easy to use Control Systems lead from our background developing Orca Control, which has rapidly become the market leader in it’s target market. This offers control of various manufacturers equipment from a simple to use iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

In the modern day surely this amazing technology should be embedded in an AV receiver, which can then control all the attached devices via a hand held device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android device …. thus making an AV instal far more simplified.

A lot of iPad, iPhone or Android control solutions need programming which can be either time consuming if you are happy to do it yourself, or expensive if you get an external programmer to do it depending on the brand of control system. Orca AV has inbuilt modules for leading brands of equipment, you simply set up what is connected and to what input, it then automatically generates the User Interface for you.
The App resides in the AV receiver, you don’t even need an internet connection to install the App. This is very convenient should you loose an iPad as it is very simple to instal the App on another device onboard.